Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Stardust, Always Interview with Rachel Brune

Her story Finding Things After You’re Gone can be found in the Stardust, Always anthology

What genre do you read?
Primarily nonfiction and speculative fiction—but I also love mysteries and paranormal romance.

What genres do you write?
Mostly speculative fiction—urban fantasy, steampunk, horror, etc. I also like to mix and match genres, especially when it comes to steampunk. I’ve got a steampunk horror story in an issue of Dark Moon Digest, a steampunk detective story in the recent anthology from Writerpunk Press, and I’m working on a collection of steampunk short stories.

Where else can readers find your work?
The best place is on my blog, Infamous Scribbler, or my Goodreads page.

What drove you to write for this anthology?
A few years back, I lost my one of my younger sisters to an aggressive type of cancer, Ewing’s sarcoma. It was probably the worst thing that’s ever happened to my family. She was a writer as well, and I can’t stop thinking about how I waited too long to try to work on a project together. The day she passed, all of us sisters went together and got a tattoo that reminds us of her. Mine is a barbed wire rose with her name between a rosebud and a half-opened bud. That feeling of being too late and being left behind spurred me to write a flash fiction piece that was originally a note on Facebook, then became the story for this book.

How long have you participated in Nanowrimo and the community?
My first attempt was in 2008. It wasn’t very successful, but I continue to try every year. I’ve won a few times, and one of those times became my second novel, Cold Run. I like to participate in the community, both online and locally, as it’s a good way to keep momentum and enthusiasm in my writing life.

Your story- is it part of a larger series or freestanding?

If you could ever meet a fictional character, who would it be?
Captain Janeway, from Voyager. She is a leader and a scientist, and I think it would be fun to sit and pick her brain and listen to some no-s—t-there-I-was stories. :D

Writing buddy?
A couple. My local writing group is great. Every Sunday they do a write-in at Panera Bread. If I’ve gotten off track during the week, it helps me get back to where I need to be.

Coffee, tea, or other?
I love coffee!! I also like to drink tea, especially in the afternoon. I’m an equal-opportunity beverage appreciator.

Morning or night person?
I used to be very much a night person, but after 14 ½ years in the military, I now find myself trained to be a morning person.

Plotter or Pantser?
Plotser? Panter? Somewhere in between. I like to have a sketch and some notes, and a general idea of the major scenes—but I also like to have room for discovery.

What question do you wish people would ask about you or your writing?
Where can I buy your stuff? :D (Amazon…)

One fun fact?
I can spin yarn from raw fiber. It’s not as awesome—and less lucrative—than spinning gold from straw, but helpful in case of apocalypse.

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