Saturday, May 7, 2016

What Goes into Creating an Anthology

Just what goes into creating an anthology?

Do a search on the Internet, and you will find all sorts of answers to this question.

Go ahead, try it. I can wait.


I was right, right? Thought so.

Yes, it's true. There is a lot that goes into creating an anthology. Not only do you have to find and review contributors for written pieces, you also need to cover editing, proofreading, feedback, focus groups, artwork (including cover art), publishing, marketing... A lot of work.

And if you're lucky, or very good, the end results are more than worth it.

That's what we have here, with Stardust, Always. It hasn't even been sent to print yet, and yet the genius behind the works is shining through.

The release date is set for June 5, 2016. And we will be partying live on Facebook to celebrate. Please join us!

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